Client Testimonial

“After a year straight of my 2 1/2 year old Jacob growing without gaining weight (stayed at 23 pounds from age 1 to 2.5 !) and being sick and in the hospital a lot and on antibiotics, we’ve implemented Annika’s suggestions, and just in A FEW months, he hasn’t been sick, he’s been strong, he’s been TALKING… he never talked before. He went from 23 pounds to 32 pounds. And its all because of the change in his nutrition and what you have done for us!”.

Candice W. in Miami, FL

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Vital Choice Wild Seafood

This seafood is actually SAFE and healthy for your kids to eat!

Get to the ROOT CAUSE... with the Right Nutritional Program.

Hyperactivity, Lack of Focus, Irritability, Mood Swings, Poor Self-control, Behavior Challenges, and Restless Sleep…

A new scientific study confirms that 70% of children with behavioral issues have a BIG reduction of symptoms just using an elimination diet!


Annika Rockwell is a Certified Nutritionist specializing in the Failsafe and Feingold Diet for kids with behavioral, learning, and health challenges.


Her passion and interest in children’s nutrition stems back to her own health struggles during the first 25 years of her life.

Since 1997, her mission has been to teach parents how to heal their kids naturally and prevent chronic illness.