Boosting Fertility with nutrition and integrative therapies

Sadly, women’s Fertility is a growing issue in the US.

Are you over 40 and wish to become pregnant? Or perhaps you have suffered with repeated miscarriages. Are you concerned you’ve missed your chance to conceive? Would you like to increase your fertility and improve egg quality?

If you’d like support for fertility, solutions, and information, this online Fertility Focus Telesummit will have answers from experts!
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Fertility at 40+ where you’ll have access to a week of presentations from world leading fertility experts, sharing insights and knowledge to help you conceive your baby: 

In addition, here are some valuable resources for those of you who realize that your conventionally trained doctor is not able to truly help you get at the root cause of your trouble conceiving or having miscarriages.

1) Here’s a Lab Test to check for common things that drastically impact fertility and ability to carry baby to term:
See if you can find a doctor who is willing to check all these markers for you. “Functional Doctors” are highly trained at deciding which lab tests and customizing a nutrition/supplement/lifestyle program for you to remove the road blocks causing infertility and/or miscarriages.
If you happen to live in South Florida, here are some great practitioners listed under Functional Doctors and Holistic Specialists.
If you’d like to try things on your own before you go see a Functional or Holistic practitioner, here are some suggestions:

2) Check if you have the MTHFR gene mutation

The MTHFR gene mutation is very significant issue for preventing miscarriages, fertility and preventing birth defects.  It’s been all the buzz at conference for the last few years. Very few conventional doctors are checking for it and it can make ALL the difference. The test costs between $60 and $200. I personally have 2 copies of this gene mutation and so do 10% of all people. It can cause repeated miscarriages and/or trouble conceiving, especially after a woman reaches a certain age. Yet, if you are on the correct supplements for MTHFR and the right nutrition program, you will have no problems!
Those who are homozygous for this this gene mutation (2 copies), can follow a very specific nutrition/supplement/lifestyle program to help compensate for the mutation. Most importantly, you cannot take ANY folic acid in supplements or foods! Folic acid is synthetic folate, and it’s poison for those who have MTHFR genes and causes miscarriages or failure to get pregnant. Only take natural folate (such as 5-MTHF by Thorne) and eat no fortified foods which contain “folic acid”.
How MTHFR gene mutation affects fertility and pregnancy
Testing MTHFR on your own:
Call Spectracell Labs or ALCAT labs (linked below) and find a practitioner near you who offers their tests. They are apx $140-$200. Annika Rockwell, CN can also order these tests for you if you live in the US (see “Consultations” menu).
ALCAT Cell Science Labs –
These books outline some of the fertility diets and why they are so important to do for 6 months pre-conception.
Naturally Knocked Up

The Better Baby Book by Dr. Asprey
Beaufitul Babies – Nutrition for Fertility
Other great books on natural and healthy pregnancy:


Online Courses
Nourishing Hope: Nutrition for Pregnancy Online Course
by Julie Matthews, CNC

Nutrition-for-pregnancy2Julie is an author, international speaker, and recognized as an expert in the field of special diets for treating kids’ behavior and health concerns. She is also an expert in pregnancy nutrition and has helped parents “stack the deck” against autism pre-pregnancy. You can check out her research and download a free copy of her talk “7 Nutrition Secrets Your OB Won’t Tell You That Will Affect Your Pregnancy and Baby”:
Healthy Baby Code online course by Chris Kresser MS, LAcChris Kresser is very healthy-baby-coderespected in the field of health and wellness and has well over 100,000 subscribers and patients in his many years of practice. His Fertility and pregnancy nutrition course will help you discover the essential steps you should take before, during, and after pregnancy to set the stage for fertility and lifelong health for your baby.