Client Question:

My 4 year old’s bloodwork has come back showing high cholesterol. It is hereditary for sure, my husband has it and so does his other daughter. My daughter’s pediatrician has ordered that she come back for more bloodwork to see how it breaks down into good/bad cholesterol, so we can wait for that or meet anyways.

I have her on Omega-3s (which I had cut back on because I felt like I could smell it on her), but I’d like more recs on what do to.

High Cholesterol is a symptom that there is inflammation in her body.
Cholesterol is created by the body to repair damage by producing new cells.  So the solution is not to lower her cholesterol, but to address what is causing the excess inflammation.
Unlike what mainstream media will tell you about cholesterol in kids, they do NOT need medication and should NOT take any. Here are two articles by Dr. Mercola:
In kids, high cholesterol is caused largely by:
1. Eating sugar and foods with high fructose corn syrup
2. Eating too many grains (whole grains or refined grains both cause inflammation)
3. Eating trans-fats (found in packaged foods/processed foods, and desserts)
4. Not enough physical activity, and/or 5. Emotional stress
Also, re-testing in a couple months is very important since IF she was tested during an infection or cold, or anytime after when she was recently vaccinated, the body is in a very inflamed state, and can have high cholesterol for this reason.
I’ve had clients tell me their total cholesterol was at 350+ and one month later back to normal levels after a re-test.
I do hope your pediatrician can do some nutritional bloodwork to get more complete data about what your daughter’s imbalances and food intolerances may be. Standard CBC bloodtests run by Pediatricians are not comprehensive and rarely include anything helpful (i.e. your daughter’s test does not show Vitamin D levels or any B-vitamins, or even the breakdown of type of cholesterol).

I recommend you purchase (or have your Doctor order) Metametrix lab work. I recommend the Organix Comprehensive panel which is done with a simple overnight urine sample. It includes checking of all B-vitamins, organic acids produced by intestinal bacteria and yeasts, as well as products of detoxification. Here is a sample PDF of what the detailed test results for a child Organix Comprehensive panel looks like. In addition, I recommend the test for IGg Food Allergy as an “Add-on” – BloodSpot 30 which you can do yourself at home via a simple “finger-prick”.

As for Omega-3s, if you can smell it strongly on her skin, it means her intestinal tract is “leaky” and is allowing undigested fish oil to pass through the intestines and into her blood and into her skin.To improve this, you have to improve her digestion and help repair her “leaky gut” with good nutrition, bone broths, and reducing gluten and sugar which cause inflammation and damage to her intestinal tract. The most well known diet for healing a leaky gut is the GAPS diet and/or Specific Carbohydrate diet, or Paleo Diet.
In addition, you can switch to Krill Oil instead of fish oils. They are tiny little soft gels that you can teach her to swallow and she might do a lot better on these until her GI system heals as they are easier to digest.